Why should I outsource my social media?


You certainly don’t have to. High five if you can manage the work alone! But do you have the specialist knowledge and time to achieve the best results? Think carefully…


Good social media management involves scheduling a content calendar, researching story angles, writing copy, creating images, publishing posts, tracking engagement and responding to comments. Best practice social media goes further by impelementing targeted ads, analysing Insights, monitoring other relevant pages and joining in their conversations. Then do the same thing on Twitter. Now on Instagram. All of this… Every. Single. Day.


If you’re thinking about hiring a social media manager, payscale.com indicates Australian social media managers earn up to $85k a year. Of course, we can get the job done for a fraction of that salary. #justsayin


If you’d prefer to focus on what you do best, you can rely on us to do the same. 



What's so special about Concept Jungle?


Some people claim to be experts because they use Facebook in their personal life. Other social media agencies will impress with jargon then communicate with you via Skype. When you have a query, they’ll convene a meeting in Google Hangouts. They sit in fancy offices and populate your content from their large database of generic photos. It’s efficient, sure.


Just because the nature of social media is digital, we don’t believe our relationship has to be. 


What makes Concept Jungle special is the business expertise, combined with a personal touch. We will meet with you and make an effort to understand your business, your customers, your goals and your brand. Our content is as original as you are. We’ll go to your restaurant and capture the chefs in action and the couple celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary. We’ll spend a day on the green to interview members for their golf tips and stories. We’ll be at your school fete and provide live social media coverage of the family festivities. We will stand among your volunteers so their work is documented and shared with the world.  


We're willing to go this extra mile because we love social media and want to love who we work with too. So if for some reason you don't "click" with Concept Jungle - no worries, let's not force it.  Concept Jungle isn’t about the cha-ching, it’s about businesses working together.  


Frequently Asked Questions

 (and one common arguement) 



Flamingos  are  kitsch.  Pugs are adorable. What's with the kiwi fruit?


What’s not to love? Kiwis are super high in vitamin C and E, as well as having a rare, fat-free form of vitamin E that is a potent antioxidant said to help lower cholesterol and boost immunity. High in nutrients and low in calories – woo hoo!

"But I don't do marketing..."


Ahhh, we h̶a̶t̶e̶ love hearing this arguement. You might not have a CBD billboard but do you see that signage at the front of your store? You know the logo on your business card? These things ARE marketing. Marketing is essentially the action of promoting your products or services, it's about the way you present your business to the public. 


Social media is simply the most relevant and cost-effective type of marketing today. Social media is giving your brand a personality and a voice, and letting it be heard where your customers are talking.  Concept Jungle can help you spark the conversation with your followers and customers. 


The best thing about social media is its measurability and ROI. When you place an ad in a newspaper, you have no idea how many people will see it. Concept Jungle can analyse your social media metrics and let you know exactly how many people see your content, what they're clicking on and if they're driving to your website.

How much will it cost me?


However much you want it to... kind of. The beauty of bespoke services is that Concept Jungle is flexible enough to build packages to include the services you need at the budget you want. Please get in contact to request a quote or even better, let's arrange a meeting so we can fully understand your business requirements and then put together a proposal.



Why the SME love?


It’s not that we're business size-ist; large organisations are welcome to call.

But we're acutely aware of the daily struggles SMEs face trying to balance all the necessary tasks to run successfully. Social media is perpetually on your to-do list but never gets ticked off.


According to the Sensis Social Media Report (May 2015), 79% of Aussies access the internet daily and yet only 20% of SME businesses have a developed social media strategic plan. That's just crazy! It's wasted opportunity. 


Having worked with so many interesting individuals and SMEs, we love hearing your stories, seeing your vision and feeling your passion. It’s the restaurateurs, the 3rd generation family business owners, the forward-thinking managers who have taught us the correlation between hard work and success…  and now we want to teach you something back.


Concept Jungle is passionate about working with individuals and businesses to help you understand the digital space. We don’t tell you how to run your business, we help you raise your social profile and empower you with the skills and knowledge to maintain it.   



Where are you located?


Concept Jungle is located in northwest Sydney. We work with clients across Australia, however some services will be limited to the Sydney metro area.