I have over ten years’ marketing and events experience within industries such as not-for-profit, professional services and hospitality. I’m also accomplished in brand management, public relations, and business development.


As consumer media consumption has changed over the years, so too has the nature of my work. It’s become imperative that any marketing strategy is complemented by an online presence that is driven by tactical SEO and SEM, an effective website user experience and engaging social media.


Concept Jungle was created while I was working for St John Ambulance Australia (NSW) as their Digital Marketing Specialist. Under my management, St John enjoyed significantly increased web traffic, social media engagement levels and content reach. In under a year, I grew the Facebook audience by 650% (6,000 to 45,000 followers) – organically.


During this time, I received constant enquiries from people who wanted help and advice for their own businesses. "Who creates your content? Where do you get these ideas? How can I turn engagement into sales leads?"


And then came the light bulb moment.


I built a Jungle where I could answer these questions, helping businesses and individuals harness the power of social media to connect with customers. 





Hello, my name is Marielle.

Leading Australian social media consultant, Gaynor Alder, references my content as social media best practice examples in her Advanced Facebook Marketing for Business course and in the below article, ‘8 Things You Can Learn from St John First Aid’s Facebook Page’.

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